City of trees?

Stave Hill Panorama

This is the view from Stave Hill, Rotherhithe, London looking from roughly north-east to south east.  Amazingly, this man-made hill is only 10 minutes walk from Canada Water Tube station and, apart from Canary Wharf, you might not realise that you are in the London at all, let alone a city!

Click on the photograph to see a larger version – this version is 1280 pixels across – the original is some 11500 pixels across!

Not that long ago, Rotherhithe was made up of many docks and Stave Hill is a monument to this, within the Russia Dock woodland – at the top of the hill there is a bronze relief map showing and naming the docks as they once where.  As mentioned in a previous post, the only remaining docks now are Greenland and South docks.  It would have been quite a sight in it’s heyday.


Stave Hill Relief Map - detail - 1

By the way – X (right-hand side, in the middle) marks the spot that is now Stave Hill.


Post processing

Main photograph – This was a five shot panorama – Initially light edits in Lightroom 5.6, sync’d across all the shots – exported to Photoshop CS5 to stitch the panorama – cropped and cloned out the barrier that was in the bottom left-hand corner – Back in Lightroom, improved levels, graduated filter to darken sky a little and darkened the grass slightly; cropped, sharpened (slightly) and added a vignette.

Fuji X-E1; 1/250s;f/10@18mm (XF 18-55mm; f/2.8-4; R LM OIS); ISO200 – Handheld – Post processing in Lightroom 5.6 and Photoshop CS5

Second photograph – This is a shot of part of the relief map – just applied usual settings to improve levels, then darkened the background stone work and the part of the map representing the River Thames – cropped and sharpened.

Fuji X-E1; 1/350s;f/6.4@24mm (XF 18-55mm; f/2.8-4; R LM OIS); ISO200 – Handheld – Post processing in Lightroom 5.6




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  1. Wow – can you do a return trip to take another photo when the trees have turned even more?!! xx

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