Super Yacht

Superyacht Christopher

This is an slightly misty, early(ish…about 08:00) morning photograph taken a week or so back -I spotted the top the mast as I came out of the Underground at Canary Wharf, so decided to take a look.

This is the Super Yacht Christopher berthed at South Dock, Canary Wharf, London – the mast is little under 54m…and, according to this article on CharterWorld, it is the tallest ship to come under the Queen Elizabeth Bridge at Dartford…and they even had to remove the lightning conductor and burgee to get under the bridge with very little clearance (they don’t mention the state of the tide at the time!)

Quite a moody photograph, with a great reflection (about as good as it gets around here…the wind is always funnelled around the offices here) – perhaps a long exposure would have made this better, but I did not have a tripod with me.


Post processing

Edited in Lightroom 5.6 – improved levels, graduated filter to darken sky and a graduated filter from the bottom to darken the water, cropped and sharpened.


Technical details:

Fuji X-E1; 1/125s;f/13@18mm (XF 18-55mm; f/2.8-4; R LM OIS); ISO200 – Handheld – Post processing in Lightroom 5.6


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  1. Good shot. The mist with the reflection made this picture. I guess your curiosity was worth it!

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