Abstract Sky


This photography was taken a couple of weeks ago – my daughter and I had gone for a short walk to see how bad the flooding was at that time (it has subsided quite a lot…due to lots more rain, the water levels have risen and receded again since) – we were just heading back as the sun was about to drop below the hill and I took this as a silhouette mainly to capture the colours of the sky – during editing I dodged the foreground to hide the detail (the field isn’t particularly attractive being water logged and with patchy growth) and boosted the colours in the sky.

While editing, it did cross my mind that this shot had some similarities to Rhine II by Andreas Gursky – while I would love to sell it for $4.3 million – in fact, I’ll not be greedy and would be happy with 1% of that!!! – the reason for thinking about that is because I did use onOne Software’s Perfect Photo Suite 8 to remove some distractions on the horizon…much as Gursky did on his photography.  Still, I think my shot is a bit more interesting…but I am biased!


Technical Details:

Nikon D80; 1/80s;f/10@50mm (50mm;f/1.8;Nikkor prime);ISO250 – handheld – Post processing in LR5, Perfect Photo 8

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    • Hey Ola – They are trees – or, at least, the tops of them – yes, I could have removed them, but decided I didn’t want to make the horizon too ‘clinical’

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