Three Dancing Fairies

This is a temporary sculpture installation called ‘Three Dancing Fairies’, currently sited at the Rollright Standing Stones, Oxfordshire – previous photographs are Rollright Stones and Rollright Stones Revisited.  The sculpture is sited near the stone circle (about 20m behind me when I made this photograph).

From the notice nearby:

This temporary sculpture by environmental sculptor David Gosling and his son, Adam, is inspired by William Blake’s painting of the fairies dancing for Oberon and Titania from A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Shakespeare may well have known of the Stones.  Some of the numerous folklore legends date back to his day or earlier.  It is said that the Fairies come out to dance and the Stones at night.  They would emerge from a hole in the rock at the bottom of a former quarry by the King Stone…

Taken this morning during yet another snowy blast – it was more hail mixed with freezing rain falling by this time!  And windy!  I got quite wet walking Sparky here (though it didn’t really bother him, of course).

If I took this again, I would make sure that the leftmost figure was in front of the fence post to hide it…but the driving hail/rain was making it difficult to keep the lens clear, so I didn’t notice this until I downloaded these shots into Lightroom – I might go back a try to clone that out in Lightroom later.

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Technical details:

18mm(XF18-55mmF2.8-4 R LM OIS); 1/150s@f5.0; ISO200 – handheld – post-processing in Lightroom and SilverFX Pro – DSCF73381801216119-Edit