Rollright Stones

Rollright Stones

After a long absence from this site, I’m back – work has been all consuming with some very long days and very little time for photography – however, that is now changing…for the better!

The photographs here were taken a couple of weeks ago on a sunny Saturday – these are the Rollright Stones, near to Great Rollright, Oxfordshire – it comprises of three sets of stones: the Kings Men Stone Circle, the King Stone and the Whispering Knights.

The main photograph above is of the Kings Men Stone circle – a 30m circle of deeply pitted stones dating back to the late Neolithic period.

The photograph below is detail from the Whispering Knights – this is a nearby collection of stones that lean against each other behind metal railings  – someone has started putting money into a natural bowl on one of the stones and clearly others have added to this – there is quite a collection here now!  Not sure about the hair grips though…




Both of these photographs were taken with a Samsung NX300, a small mirrorless CSC camera – while the size is great, price is good, as is the adjustable rear display – the downside is that the front of the lens rotates when focusing – so difficult to use a polariser – I intend to get a Fuji X-E1 instead.

Still, these results are very good – low noise, high resolution (20Mp) – I have these shots edited in Lightroom 5 (updated to 5.6 now) – applying the usual settings and graduated filter to enhance sky with brush adjustments to improve specific areas


Technical details:

Rollright Stones: Samsung NX300; 1/320s;f/6.3@20mm (20-50mm; f/3.5-5.6; Stock lens); ISO100 – Handheld – Post processing in Lightroom 5.6

Money!: Samsung NX300; 1/500s;f/11@50mm (20-50mm; f/3.5-5.6; Stock lens); ISO100 – Handheld – Post processing in Lightroom 5.6


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  1. Welcome back! I was wondering if you had put your camera away. A good image coming from a Samsung NX300, I still think you should stick with your Nikon.

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