Grand Entrance

Well…it was probably once far more imposing, but currently somewhat lost – I imagine that this is, or was, the edge of the Sarsden estate though this is a just a field with a footpath and bridleway now – I expect it was to impress visitors arriving on horseback on the approach from the south before the roads we know today – some similar pillars with urns on top are visible on the A361 that runs along the western edge of the estate.

This photograph was taken a week or two ago while taking Sparky, our Lab-Retriever, for a walk.  Converted to black and white here to fit the mood of the sky – it had been trying to rain, and while we didn’t actually get wet, it was rather threatening for the whole walk…a little over 3 miles to get home from this point.

Technical details:

22mm(XF18-55mmF2.8-4 R LM OIS); 1/250s@f7.1; ISO200 – handheld – post process in Lightroom and SilverFX Pro