Shipton Down at Dusk 1


Dusk on Shipton Down – Took Sparky for a walk up to the top of the hill yesterday – I had my camera but was about 20 minutes too late to see the sunset. I was still able to get some shots with dramatic colour, however – It would have been better with a tripod but still got some decent results.

This photograph is dark and a little mysterious – it wasn’t as dark as it appears in the photograph – I have exposed for the light on the horizon, putting the rest in silhouette and makes the foreground dark.  Besides the foreground wasn’t so interesting (road and a field!)

This was shot with the 6.5mm wide angle lens – the horizon in the middle of the frame to minimise the distortion – the photograph has been cropped in Lightroom

Technical details:

Fuji X-E1;6.5mm(Opteka 6.5mm; manual);f/3.5;1/30s;ISO200; Handheld; Edited in Lightroom 6