Paxos Sunrise

Paxos Sunrise

This is a photograph of a Paxos sunrise back in 2012 – the view is looking east across the Ionian Sea towards mountains on mainland Greece from Villa Noema (booked through James Villas) on the Island of Paxos.  Taken early in the morning (EXIF shows 04:00…but I think its was more like 06:00)…early for a holiday, perhaps, but it was nice and cool at this time and totally worth it!  Of all the photographs I have taken, this is one of my all time favourites.

Paxos is a bit of an ordeal to get to –  flights are into Corfu Town on the neighbouring island, then taxi to the ferry port, hydrofoil to Gaios to then pick up the hire car – the water was choppy on the outward journey so the hydrofoil wasn’t able to go very fast – took us 90 minutes rather than 30 minutes…I was very ‘green’ by the time we arrived (along with many others), however, that soon passed once back on dry land – the villa was great, the views incredible, the weather fantastic and no crowds of people – Highly recommended!  We had a great week there and wished we could have stayed for longer.

Post processing here involved boosting the colours and reducing highlights – didn’t adjust the shadows much as wanted to retain the silhouette of the foreground – lots of dust spots needed to be removed in this instance (hadn’t cleaned the sensor before leaving home – doh!) – cropped and sharpened.

Technical details:

Nikon D80 40mm(Stock lens 18-70mm Zoom; f3.5-5.6);f/22;1/3s;ISO100; Tripod; Edited in LIghtroom

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  1. Wow – totally stunning!! Wish I was there (instead of in North Hampshire in February…!!). Xxx

  2. Am just back from a week on Paxos. Thanks for the tip

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