Bermondsey…in reflection

Reflections on the Tube


Bermondsey…in reflection of the glass that protects passengers from the track – taken at Bermondsey Underground Station on the Jubilee Line, London.

This photograph was taken while waiting for the a train to take me back to Canary Wharf after a walk from Canada Water up to the Thames path – I liked the reflections from the wall behind me showing up in the glass door – shows in reverse as the glass is acting as a mirror, but you can also see the logo on the far wall as well.

Pictures on the Underground are quite difficult to take – flash is not allowed, tripods are a no-no – you might get away with a monopod, I suppose, but I don’t have one anyway – so the only option is to raise the ISO and use a fast lens.  I’m really impressed that this came out as well as it did – despite the aperture being as wide as it would go (f/3.2 because not at shortest zoom) and the ISO cranked up to 1250, it was still a very slow shutter speed (1/5s) – I had braced myself against the door frame to take the shot, so any movement was kept to a minimum – I’m pleased with the sharpness of the result.

Post processed to improve the contrast of the reflected parts – a graduated filter applied to add interest – cropped and sharpened (small amount of noise reduction due to high ISO used)

Technical details:

Fuji X-E1;29mm(XF 18-55mm f2.8-4 R LM OIS);f/3.2;1/5s;ISO1250; Handheld