Autumn leaves


A solitary red leaf in a puddle of dark leaves – pretty much as I found it, I removed one yellow leaf to eliminate  it as a distraction.

I had been walking in a park near to Carterton Leisure Centre while my daughter was having a swimming lesson on Saturday, many of the trees were turning, but not all of them…yet!  I came across this red leaf in a puddle just as I was starting to make my way back and liked the way it stood out.


Post processing

Processed in Lightroom to boost the colours and darken some of the leaves a little, then I cropped, sharpened and added a slight vignette.

Fuji X-E1; 1/150s;f/4.5@55mm (XF 18-55mm; f/2.8-4; R LM OIS); ISO200 – Handheld – Post processing in Lightroom 5.6