Shipwreck I

Well, less of a shipwreck and more of an abandoned boat, left to the elements…certainly, it has seen better days!

Found this boat on Braunton Sands near Barnstable on a short break in late August 2016 – I love the faded paintwork and the colours – it looks like it has changed colour several times during its life.

We did revisit the wreck when we were in Devon just after New Year – it is still there (though missing a few more bits) – I made more of a study of some of the pieces and will share those in future posts.

For this picture, I did remove a number of people visible in the background and a piece of metal protruding from the boat that was rather distracting – the contrast and saturation have been boosted and a gradient added for the sky to make the clouds more prominent.

Here is the photograph as shot, so you can see the improvement – bear in mind that this was shot in RAW format and this is screen representation of that data, so looks a bit lacklustre – had I shot in jpg, the image below would look better, but the potential for adjustment in Lightroom would be far less:


Technical details:

18mm(XF18-55mmF2.8-4 R LM OIS); 1/400s@f8; ISO200 – handheld