Sparky the Lab!




This is Sparky the Lab!  Our 22 month golden labrador retriever – he weighs in at 36kg currently – we blame his father, Toby is a big fluffy retriever – His mother, Iska, is quite a small labrador in comparison

Sparky is loungng on a large circular trampoline – I think he sees it as his throne from where he can see the approach of his loyal subjects (aka. passers-by on Church Path) and he can then run over to greet them at the fence…when it is sunny, this is favourite place!

Sparky loves long walks and chasing anythng that moves!  Pheasants are his favourite at the moment – deer are fun too, as well as the odd hare!  Needless to say, he hasn’t caught any…yet!

This photograph was taken with a manual Opteka 6.5mm wide-angle lens, hence the distortion – he’s also a touch close!  But that is when fish-eye lenses get really interesting (big noses and small heads!)

Technical details:

Fuji X-E1;6.5mm(Opteka 6.5mm; manual);f/3.6;;ISO200; Handheld; Edited in Lightroom 6