Boats and the Thames Barrier

River Thames - Boats and Thames BarrierThis is a photograph of some boats on the River Thames with the Thames Barrier in the distance, taken on a lunchtime walk from North Greenwich – it was high tide (or close to it), lifting the boats nicely – so much more attractive than having them stuck in the mud!  The tidal range in the Thames at this point is several metres, so it means that the boats are much closer to eye-level too (rather than looking down on them).

Post processed in Lightroom – lowered the highlights and boosted the shadows – I added a graduated filter to darken the sky a little and another one from the bottom, up to darken the water a little – some other minor adjustments with the brush, and then exported into SilverFx Pro to convert to Black and White – selected the red filter and boosted the contrast a little.  Back in Lightroom, I cropped and sharpened the image.

Technical details:

Fuji X-E1;55mm(XF 18-55mm f2.8-4 R LM OIS);f/10;1/200s;ISO200; Handheld; Edited in Lightroom and SilverFX Pro.