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Sunrise - Shipton Down - 31st December 2014

…of 2014!

And so we come to the last post of 2014 – this photograph was taken this morning at sunrise on Shipton Down – another cold night, though had warmed up slightly to only -1ºC by this stage, though the wind was biting!

A very light dusting of snow and a frost made the roads a little slippery up here – only frost down at home in the village.

This photograph was made from 3 shots of a 5 shot panorama – Photoshop was having some problems merging them all together, so left 2 shots out in the end.  Applied a graduated filter to the sky to add some drama, a graduated filter to the ground to lighten it a little – some targeted adjustments to the left of the field due to slight merging discolouration (I should have gone manual to take the shots – I blame the biting wind!), cropped to 16×9, sharpened and applied a slight vignette.

Technical details:

Fuji X-E1;18mm(XF 18-55mm f2.8-4 R LM OIS);f/4;1/125s;ISO200; Handheld; 3 shot panorama – Edited in Lightroom and merged in Photoshop.

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  1. Another good picture. It looks like there is snow in the clouds also. Well done. Not sure what the 2 missing shots would have added to it.

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