Thames Barrier in silhouette


Another photograph taken just as the sun was rising and just clearing the horizon at the Thames Barrier – glorious colours from the sun and in the sky in contrast with the blackness and hard edges of the Barrier!  Taken from the west side of the barrier, on the north side of the river from the Thames Barrier Park

A lower angle would have been even better but I don’t think that there is much opportunity for that – there are ladders down side of the river wall – maybe on another visit 😉

The Thames Barrier is located downstream of central London, United Kingdom. Operational since 1982, its purpose is to prevent the floodplain of all but the eastern most boroughs of Greater London from being flooded by exceptionally high tides and storm surges moving up from the North Sea. When needed, it is closed (raised) during high tide; at low tide it can be opened to enhance the river’s flow towards the sea. Built approximately 3 km (1.9 mi) due east of the Isle of Dogs, its northern bank is in Silvertown in the London Borough of Newham and its southern bank is in the New Charlton area of the Royal Borough of Greenwich. The report of Sir Hermann Bondi on the North Sea flood of 1953 affecting parts of the Thames Estuary and parts of London was instrumental in the building of the barrier

After 300 people died in the UK in the North Sea flood of 1953, the issue gained new prominence.

Early proposals for a flood control system were stymied by the need for a large opening in the barrier to allow for vessels from the London docks to pass through. When containerisation replaced older forms of shipping and Tilbury was expanded, a smaller barrier became feasible with each of the four main navigation spans being the same width as the opening of Tower Bridge.

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Graduated filter on the sky, pulled back the highlights, boosted the shadows a little (but kept the Barrier in silhouette), cropped, sharpened and added a slight vignette.

Technical details

Fuji X-E1;55mm(XF 18-55mm f2.8-4 R LM OIS);f/5.6;1/280s;ISO200; Handheld