Greenland Dock

Greenland Dock, Rotherhithe, London


This is Greenland Dock, Rotherhithe, London.  Originally built between 1695-99, it was originally built for the refitting the ships of the East India Company – later, it was extended and linked with Surrey Docks (long since redeveloped and now is the site of Surrey Quays shopping centre).  Most of the docks of Rotherhithe have been redeveloped now, only Greenland Dock and South Dock remain, along with Canada Water, part of what was Canada Dock.

I found this while taking a walk from Canada Water underground station to scout Rotherhithe for photo opportunities – I was more interested in the Thames and view across to Canary Wharf to tie in with other long exposure photographs I have taken, but was pleasantly surprised with this.

This shot is from the south west corner of Greenland Dock, looking east towards Canary Wharf – 1 Canada Square is the tallest building on the skyline roughly in the centre of the picture in the distance.


Post processing

Processed in Lightroom – a gradient applied from the top to darken the sky, another from the bottom to darken the water at little – boosted the shadows and reduced the highlights, adjusting the exposure and contrast to compensate – cropped to 1920×1080

Technical details:

Fuji X-E1; 1/420s;f/13@18mm (XF 18-55mm; f/2.8-4; R LM OIS); ISO200 – Handheld – Post processing in Lightroom 5.6