A New Banksy?

A new Banksy?

I went over to Canada Water for a walk yesterday lunchtime and walked round Greenland Dock – on the way back to Canada Water tube station, I passed this under a bridge walking back to Surrey Quays Shopping Centre from the north-west corner of Greenland Dock – certainly, if it is not a ‘Banksy‘, it is in his style…I have looked on-line, but not found anything definitive.

Regardless of it’s authenticity, I like it – at first glance, from a distance, it looked like a real person…and the (real) discarded drinks can just adds to the effect…only getting closer did I realise that it was a painting.


[edit: 16/10/2017]

Adding a link to the Artsy website – lots of details about Banksy as well as many other artists…an incredible resource!