Vision Capture Process

Please sir…can you spare any food???

Got any food for me?


This little fella came up to within 1m of me in the middle of Green Park last Friday evening – I’ve seen them climb people in Regents Park to get crisps…and I don’t doubt that he’d have done the same if I had had some food with me!  As it was I didn’t, but he seemed quite interested in the click of my camera!  This was one of the best of about 5 shots of him on the ground.

Nothing special done in the post processing in LR5 for this shot – desaturated the colours a little and applied a radial filter to darken the surroundings.


Technical details:

Nikon D80; 1/50s;f/4.5@70mm (18-70mm; f/3.5-4.5; Nikkor stock lens); ISO400 – Handheld– Post processing in LR5