Broadway Tower – two ways…

Broadway Tower

A special post this time round – two for the price of one (basically because I could not decide which one to use in this post – I like them both!)

This is Broadway Tower, near Evesham, in the Cotswolds, UK – I’ve seen it in several guide books, but only recently discovered that it is only 25 minute drive from my house – I have been waiting for a good day to visit, and this weekend my son (tripod carrier!) and I went over to take a look – It is a folly created in 1799 for wealthy landowner – the views from the base are good up to 62 miles and 16 counties, though it was a bit hazy for us…and from the top, even better, I imagine – you can go into the tower and there is a viewing platform – but we did not go in this time around – more details at

Edited in LR5 and Perfect Photo to boost the colours, a gradient for the sky, remove dust spots and crop.

Broadway Tower - silhouette

And so to the second picture, taken as we left – ‘contra-jour’ to provide a silhouette – it would have been better an hour or so later once the sun had set further, but we had to make our way back to the car (the car park had a notice that it would shut at dusk…all a bit vague, and not keen on getting stuck!) – a person included in the shot to give things some scale.

Edited in LR 5 to give a gradient to improve the colour in the sky, darken a window (there was one that let sunlight through that was distracting) and crop.

Technical details:

Broadway Tower – Nikon D80; 1/80s;f/8.0@18mm (18-70mm; f/3.5-4.5; Nikkor stock zoom); ISO200 – tripod – Post processing in LR5 and PerfectPhoto


Broadway Tower – Silhouette – Nikon D80; 1/200s;f/7.1@18mm (18-70mm; f/3.5-4.5; Nikkor stock zoom); ISO200 – handheld – Post processing in LR5 and Perfect Photo