Restricted Byway

More restricted than usual

Another shot taken near to Lechlade on 9th February.  Back when we lived in Lechlade (we rented a house here for a year), I sometimes ran along this ‘restricted byway’ (not quite sure in what way it is restricted, though as you can see, it is somewhat more restricted at present!) – these fields are some way from the River Thames, and gives some idea as to the extent of the flooding.

Processed in Lightroom to lighten the foreground (the original shot was under exposed a little) and graduated filter applied to the sky.


Technical details:

Nikon D80; 1/100s;f/8@18mm (18-70mm; f/3.5-4.5; Nikkor stock zoom); ISO100 – handheld  – Post processing in LR5


2 thoughts on “Restricted Byway

    • No – it is closer than that – in fact, when I look at the map, it’s probably only 100m, but that is behind me – the shot is looking away from the River Thames…they don’t call it a flood plain for nothing!

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