Shipton Down at twilight

Shipton Down Sunset

This is a great example of what can be achieved if you wait a while – the 9th September was a bright evening – I was late getting home but picked up my camera and drove up to the crossroads at Shipton Down….the sun had just about set and I didn’t have my first choice of location – another chap was there – still no matter, I included the signpost in my composition. The shots that I got were OK, but the best was yet to come – the other chap left pretty soon after the sunset – a shame because the sky turned a beautiful colour of blue going nicely with the orange on the horizon – a few clouds in the sky make it a bit more interesting. I stayed maybe an extra 45 minutes before heading home for dinner…it had been a long day.

Postprocessing involved a grad on the sky to enhance the colours slightly – some lightening of the foreground to gain hint of the road and the road sign and the usual noise reduction and sharpening.
Technical Details:

Nikon D80; 6s;f/20@18mm (18-70mm;f/3.5-4.5;Stock lens);ISO100 – Camera mounted on tripod – Post processing in LR5