Red Chevrolet Pickup


This is a shot taken over the summer – the pickup truck had been placed in the plaza outside the office to promote some street kitchens that were to be set up on key dates over the summer (I have no idea why they weren’t a permanent fixture…or stuck around for a full week, but hey ho).

With the low sun, early morning sun, got some nice pictures looking more at little details in many of then rather than the whole truck – in this one, I really like the reflection in the hub cap.

Post processing in Lightroom 5, as usual, setting the calibration, boosting shadows, dulling the highlights, some noise reduction and sharpening.

Technical Details:

Nikon D80; 1/60s;f/4.5@40mm (18-70mm;f/3.5-4.5;Stock lens);ISO400 – Handheld – Post processing in LR5