CS1 in the mist

Welcome, and thanks for dropping by – I appreciate your visit.

OK – so here we are!  Finally I am writing my first post on this site.

So, lets start with the first photograph – this is a picture I took of 1 Canada Square (1CS), Canary Wharf in London. It was a misty morning a few weeks back – I love the way the building fades away as the tops reach into the low cloud – very atmospheric.

The image has been edited in Lightroom 5 to convert to Black and White, a little dodging and burning and sharpen – it was then that it was cropped to square (I took it at the ‘jaunty’ angle)



Technical details:

Nikon D80; 18-70mm lens @ 46mm; f6.3;1/100s; ISO 100 – handheld

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    • Ha ha – yes! No chance of anything before I get on the train in the mornings now – it’s pitch dark (though the stars were spectacular this morning!), same when I get back to Charlbury now too – though once in London there are possibilities still, as these initial posts show!

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