Misty Morning Field

Misty field

Another shot in the mist on morning from the same set as my previous post (Misty Cotswold Light Trails), this time looking across the road to the field beyond down towards the River Evenlode.

As with the light trails shot, this was taken mounted on a tripod – exposure time here was 30s – fairly still morning (not much obvious blurring in the foreground grasses), though as I recall, the mist was coming and going a bit in the distance.

Post processing in Lightroom 4 – the usual camera profile (Landscape), boost shadows, reduce highlights, set black and white points and add gradient on the sky – some dodging and burning, along with noise reduction and sharpening.

Technical details:

Nikon D80, 30s@f/18; 44mm; ISO100; Post processing in Lightroom 4